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Testimonials for Boston CSS

Our clients and parents share their experiences with CSS.


“I care and I treat these students like I would my own children.”

Tammy Kumin, Founder of Boston CSS

“When I came to the U.S. for treatment, I received so much more than comfortable rides each day. The drivers greeted me with kindness and compassion. I am so forever grateful for those kind faces who helped so much during such a difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

UAE Patient

“They (CSS) are my family away from home. In all honesty, I couldn’t have imagined my time in Boston without them. I was lucky enough to be in the hands of wonderful and caring people I can happily call family. I would highly recommend joining ‘The Concierge Family’ to any parent or student.”

Salman A.
CSS guardian student of 10 years from Saudi Arabia

“My husband and I believe that people in Boston are very special because Boston CSS offers such great services.  We are so lucky to have your support for our children.”

Rei L.
Parent of two CSS guardian boarding students from Japan and local property owner

“Being part of the Concierge family has made me feel safer and loved, just like home. I always feel so cared for here.”

Alisa K.
CSS guardian boarding student from Russia

“Looking back at my 20 years spent in the US as a guardian myself, I realized I wouldn’t have made it through without Tammy and the team. When my daughter went to study in the states, I had no doubt that she would be in such good hands with the CSS team.”

Asya K.
Former CSS guardian and now the mom of a guardian student from Russia

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